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Application of fluoride and fluoride derivatives to public drinking water


I just signed the following petition addressed to Durham city council regarding the application of Fluoride and hydrofluosilicic acid to our public drinking water.

As a taxpaying citizen who utilizes Durham’s public water system, I demand that the city council take steps to remove the application of this compound to our drinking water. It is a well documented scientific fact that FSA is detrimental to IQ scores as well as dental health (fluorosis). Given these facts, it is imperative that we take immediate action against this compound’s distribution to citizens.


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The only way to fix the problem is demand our civil servants obey the will of the people.  If citizens educate themselves and put the burden of proof on Durham city council to demonstrate fluoride’s effectiveness, I believe the inability of manufacturers, distributors and our government will precipitate a reversal of the policy.  I began this process last year and have documented my fight below.  The more citizens support my effort, the more likely it will be to succeed.


Chronology of events (Last updated April 5, 2012):

In December 2011 I first presented the evidence to Durham’s  city council that Fluoride was a dangerous and unnecessary compound and requested that they remove it from the water supply.  Mayor Bill Bell replied:

“Obviously, the suggestion would be a dramatic change from the way we presently operate.  I’m sure the manager and his staff will take it under advisement and come back with a recommendation.”

This was reported in the Herald Sun where my suggestion was dismissed as unfounded and silly.  Ray Gronberg had this to say:

Anti-fluoride campaigning acquired a bit of a stigma in the 1960s, thanks to the embrace of the cause by right-wing groups that regarded fluoridation and other public-health initiatives as a Communist or socialist plot.

Their views were famously ridiculed in film director Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 movie “Dr. Strangelove.” One of the film’s characters initiated a nuclear attack on the former Soviet Union because he thought fluoridation had caused in him a “loss of essence” he could discern during sex.

Acting on my recommendation, the city council received comments from Kevin Buchholtz, an N.C. Division of Public Health dental supervisor who said:

Trying to respond to every allegation regarding fluoride is challenging and counterproductive.

Counterproductive to what? What is so challenging about responding to the allegations I have presented?  The only challenge I see is:

  • Not renewing the contract with our distributor
  • Turning off the feed lines which add fluoride to our water

As outlined in the evidence page, Durham relies on a list of government agencies to make the final determination to medicate all citizens.  After my appearance and despite the evidence presented Don Greeley, the director of Durham’s water treatment, issued the following statement to the city council in response:

Undeterred, I appeared a second time at the city council on 03/22/2012 after having done more research on who is accountable for this product.  This involved me calling multiple entities to retrieve information which is legally required to be available to all citizens.  The chronology of events went like this:

  1. I contacted the Durham county water treatment division to procure documents that attest to the dental benefits and origin of said compound(s).  The water treatment superintendent, Tom Harden, complied by providing me with Durham county’s distributor and website …
  2. The county’s distributor PENCCO  was unable to produce the required documentation and outright refused my request until there was verification from the city that Durham county was in fact contracted with them
  3. I attempted to get verification from Tom Harden, who was stunned at their inability to produce said document, but nevertheless agreed to verify
  4.  Subsequently Tom Harden and his colleagues produced the material safety data sheet tendered by the fluoride manufacturer, MOSAIC
  5. This document contains no relevant dental health claims nor does it contain any of the toxicological information you would expect from an alleged medical additive.   Please see below:

As stated in The Evidence page, the manufacturer itself recommends NOT to ingest the compound and that it is known to cause fluorosis.!

With this lack of information, I submitted a formal request for information to the city council on March 22nd.  If this compound is good for our teeth, the burden of proof is on the city of Durham and its suppliers to demonstrate this.

In response to my request, Durham brought in DHHS’s Kevin Buchholtz who gave a lackluster “rebuttal” as to why Durham taxpayers must pay money to poison themselves.  You might be surprised to hear our own government agency admitting to FSA being linked to behavioral disorders, and even Mr.Buchholtz’ own daughter suffering from fluorosis.  In an amazing display of cognitive dissonance Kevin even says this is something he is “proud of” because his daughter has never had a cavity.

LISTEN HERE (Click item 22 Corey M. Sturmer)!

You must ask yourself;

Do you think it is the right of policy makers to add medication to our water?  Even if the product was beneficial, should we force all citizens to take the medicine by adding it to our water?

If you find this repugnant and WRONG, please join the fight!

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  2. kenneth hooks says:

    Great fight, old news!!!

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