Dentists Against Fluoride

Dr. Michael Fleming, DDS, PA

Dr. Fleming maintains a general dental practice geared towards health conscious patients and their families in a caring environmentally friendly setting.  His practice is stationed on Hillandale road in Durham, NC.  In 2007, Dr. Fleming was featured in a ABC 11 article by Steve Daniels where he denounced the practice of fluoridating public drinking water.

See an excerpt from the article below:

Source: WTVD

November 8, 2007 — For years, cities and towns have added fluoride to water supply. We’ve been led to believe that fluoride is supposed to make our teeth stronger. But now some scientists are pointing to a growing body of evidence suggesting fluoride could be damaging our teeth, causing cancer and possibly leading to other health problems.

“There is no need to fluoridate the water supplies,” says Dr. Michael Fleming. He’s a Durham dentist who thinks we’re getting far too much fluoride.

“Fluoride in the water is essentially a drug, it’s an uncontrolled use of a drug,” says Dr. Fleming.

Dr. Fleming is on an FDA dental advisory committee but he says these are his opinions.

“The primary benefit of fluoride is topically, used as a topical addition, not internally,” says Dr. Fleming.

Everyone knows fluoride is in your toothpaste and in some mouthwash. But fluoride is also in places you may have never guessed. It’s in soft drinks and beer. Thinking of having orange juice and oatmeal for breakfast? If they’re made with water in a fluoridated community then your breakfast comes with a side of fluoride.

Dr. Fleming says because fluoride is all around us his interest is in controlling the dosing from all sources.

Most communities in the triangle add fluoride to their water supply. The water treatment plant in Raleigh serves more than four hundred thousand people in Wake County. There’s a special room where liquid fluoride is added to the water to keep the level within federal recommendations at about one milligram per liter of water.

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  1. pluckypoppy says:

    Is applying fluoride topically still detrimental to your overall health, or is the amount in a topical application (I’m assuming the best example of this is fluoride toothpaste) a healthy amount?

    • Kyle says:

      Applying fluoride topically is in no way detrimental to your over all health. All fluorides used are anthropogenic meaning man made, and they are not even man made purposefully as they are by products of industry. Hazardous by products that that, literally they must be disposed of properly as industrial waste, but this is avoided when the compounds are sold privately where like magic they become a product: a fake tooth medicine. Fluoride including natures natural fluoride CaF2 is not an essential nutrient meaning you can go your entire life without it. If you want good teeth then avoid acidic foods and drinks, or when in contact with any acidic foods rinse with or drink regular water as fast as you can which will save you from mineralization.

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